Five & Dime Magazine

Be remembered

Back in the day…

there was a trusted place in the community: the Five & Dime. It was a place where you could find just about everything you need, and also a few surprises.

Many of our readers remember the days of the Five & Dime and how exciting it was to find great offers and know that we were spending our money wisely. We remember the special day of shopping with Mom and the fun of sitting down at the lunch counter for that grilled cheese & soda pop. We remember how much fun it was to pop the balloons at Woolworths to see how much we would pay for our banana split!

Five and Dime Lunch Counter
Five and Dime Magazine is exactly that: a marketplace of trusted businesses in the local community.  We still live in a time when everyone is looking for a good deal.  It is not penny pinching; it is just good, old-fashioned common sense. And it can be just as much fun today as it was in the old days.

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Even though I have more of a niche store, we saw at least two dozen new customers from our 1/3 page ad (phone and walk-ins). It’s hard to place a dollar value on the new business we received from the ad, but it was easily over $1000. In fact, we had a record month! Five and Dime has a unique feel to it that is unlike anything anyone has done in our area. The feedback from our (new) customers was that they loved it! The full-color, glossy pages and the magazine feel were very attractive. I would easily say that it received more readership than the newspaper type fliers we receive in the mail. Customers were also very satisfied with the types of ads and all the great coupons inside. Overall, Five and Dime has been phenomenal, even for my small niche store. Thanks Guys!

– Patricia, Crank Works Bicycles