Why Advertise with us?

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Why advertise with Five & Dime Magazine?


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Massive Distribution
Beautiful Format


Be Impressive! 

That’s why we designed Five & Dime Magazine in a glossy magazine format. Consumers will hold on to it, keep it on their coffee table, and carry it with them in their cars. That means your message is seen over and over again and what that really means to you is new customers and more profit. We pride ourselves on creating eye-catching, professionally designed ads throughout. We don’t waste space with articles or pretend we are something we are not. People who pick up Five & Dime Magazine read it for one reason and one reason only – to shop.


Be Relevant!

We make shopping easy by creating ads that are beautiful – crisp, clean and to the point. We work with you to create a powerful, relevant message that will compel new customers to respond. Remember – Consumers are looking for businesses that can provide the products and services they need and we make it easy for them to find you.

Be Seen! 

Now that we have designed the magazine, and created your powerful, relevant ad – we direct mail your message to every available mailbox in Hernando County – nearly 75,000 homes and apartments; Over 174,000 people!  The more people who see your message, the better your response.

Be Consistent! 

For your advertising to be successful, the key is consistency. After going through all the effort of creating a great ad with a powerful message, it is important that it be seen over and over again so that the reader remembers you.

Being a “one-time advertiser” or advertising only occasionally is ineffective in producing long-term results. It is actually more effective to advertise a smaller ad over a longer period of time than to have a large full-page ad appear once or twice.

Makes sense, right? Check out how we make sure you get seen.

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This is our first time using Five & Dime magazine and we are big fans. Not only is the quality of the magazine top notch but the span of potential customers it reaches is far more then any other direct mail outlet we have used in the past. We have had wonderful success with the Five & Dime magazine in the short time we have used it. We have had approximately 25 inquiries and 15 clients who have signed up. The Five & Dime Magazine has far surpassed all other direct mail marketing we have tried in the past. We are extremely satisfied with our experience and plan to use the Five & Dime Magazine in the future to grow our business.

– Stephanie, Maid Pro Hudson